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Online Counseling Services

Online telehealth sessions are available to any client located in Michigan. 

We utilize user-friendly, secure, HIPAA compliant platforms to meet with you virtually from the location that works best for you. Clients may choose to have all sessions via telehealth or choose this option as a back up to in-person sessions.

Telehealth Guidelines

  • Clients choosing to utilize telehealth sessions must have a private location to meet without interuption and a sufficient data or internet connection. Please inform your therapist should anyone else enter the space or comes close enough to overhear.

  • You may utilize a computer, tablet, or phone for sessions without having to download a special telehealth app.

  • Once you log into the telehealth session, you have entered your therapist's virtual office. Please dress and behave just as you would in a real office and refrain from eating or utilizing mood altering substances including nicotine, alcohol, or drugs.

  • Having a pet nearby in sessions can be a benefit of telehealth, so feel free to have them with you if you would like.

  • We understand that for some people, your car may be the only private space you have. When needed, it is ok to be in your parked car for a session, but therapists will not engage in a session if you are driving.

  • Insurance Plans vary in their coverage of telehealth services. We will do our best to help you understand your coverage, but it is ultimately your responsibility to know the limits of your health plan. Clients are responsible for the cost of services not covered or discounted by their health insurance. 

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